CTC 205 Laser Stocks

CTC 205 Laser Stocks

Dear Michael:

I have a question regarding CT laser grips: Why were the model 205s discontinued? I really like these grips and have just made the decision to invest in them and I have recently come to find out that they are no longer made. I understand that I can still find them on the internet, but I am wondering if there was is some problem with them. Alternately, my second choice would be the 105’s, just would like some advice on this. Thanks for your time.



CTC 105 laser stocks

CTC 105 laser stocks

Dear Dustin:

Thank you for the great e-mail.

I don’t know why they dropped the 205. It was the best of the laser stocks. I have been given several reasons over the years but the reason(s) vary with the source.

The 105 is an option, but in terms of features it runs a very distant second to the 205.

The 105’s sole advantage is that you can buy it new with a warranty.

If I had to go with the 105 I would reduce the circumference of the stocks closest to the butt (it is currently built with a “bird-head’s style – yuck!) I would also re-cut the stocks to take speedloaders.

For the cost and time involver you would think these features would already be present.

Also, chances are if one fixes the stock one would void the warranty – so we end back at the 205.

On an aside, I will do a blog photo piece on how to fix the 105’s problems so keep your eye on the blog.

Thank you again for the great question.

I hope this information was of some value.