Hi Michael,

Q 1 – I have been studying your strong hand reloading technique (I am right handed), which I believe is a major contribution to swift and effective reloading. However, I have a question. When bringing the pistol up to perform the ejection, how do you avoid having hot spent shell casings fall into your shirt cuff? I guess if you are wearing the right shirt it wouldn’t matter, but I often roll up my sleeves. Do you raise the right arm up higher and arch it toward your body so they fall free?

Q 2 – Also, I have a Smith and Wesson 640 (all steel), and I am really enjoying training with it. You mentioned the Barami grip on your website. If I were to use that set up, where do you recommend carry? At the 2:00 area, or behind the hip?

Q 3 – Finally, I am considering having some Bowen sights installed on the above pistol. However, I am wondering whether it is necessary to have it done. It seems you’re your technique doesn’t require precision sighting. The Bowen sights are very appealing (perhaps because it is what I am used to on my 1911), and I think it would be a nice enhancement on my pistol. I noticed you linked to Bowen on your website. Do you recommend this installation?

Thanks for all the info you have developed and published on your website. I am really getting a great deal from studying it. I hope someday to be able to take a class with you.


Dear John:

Thank you for your questions. Here are my thoughts:

A 1 – The rate at which the .38’s cool has always been so quick that I never noticed the residual heat off the ejected rounds. It is a great question though so I will have to test some hot .357 and see how the rate of cooling fits in with the current technique.

A 2 – As much as I like the Barami I usually only use them on an Air Weight snub and not with an all steel guns. I find that to keep my pants up I have to pull the belt too tight to offer a fast draw. When I carry an all steel gun it is usually as a 2nd gun to my Air Weight 1st gun and the all steel gun is (with me) in an Alessi ankle holster. With that said, with the Barami on an Air Weights I generally carry in just to the right of my belt buckle. For the draw stoke I like to practice coming straight down on the stocks from above, then pulling the snub across (to the right) and up toward my right-side floating rib.

A 3 – Ouch! That is a tough question. Generally I like anything that improves sight acquisition. Bowen is expensive but for some snubs that don’t shoot point-of-aim, point-of-impact it is an option. It is also an option for shooters with poorer (near sight) vision. Regarding my own aiming methods I try and practice five sighted fire methods: NRA classic or traditional, Cooper/Stanford Flash sight, Ayoob StressFire, Cirillo Silhouette and an eclectic laser stock method. Point of fact, while I like the Bowen I am a little more partial to the XS sights with the “U” rear sight option whenever they are available.

I hope that helps – Yours, Michael