Spegel Boot Grip stocks

Spegel Boot Grip stocks

I need to get a set of grips for the other Cobra and was wondering if Spegel’s would do the job. The newer Cobra has the long handle. I was wondering if that would be a problem.



Dear Albert:

Thank you for the question.

First the good-news – Spegel make the only stocks I put on my self-defense guns.

They are well made, comparable in price to any on the market, are the ONLY set of stocks properly relieved for all models and shapes of speedloaders, and there is enough material in them for a good grip without adding material that would compromise concealment.

Craig Spegel generally make up his Boot Grips for S&W J-, K- and N-frame guns but he currently has the tooling up-and-running for Colt Cobras, Agents and Detective Specials.

Unfortunately your second Colt has a “long” frame and the Spegel Boot Grips are cut only to fit the “short” frame Colts.

There are a few options.

On the high end you can ask your gunsmith what he would charge to “bob” the frame to match the short frame’s dimensions. Unfortunately, when you add up the cost of gunsmithing and the cost of the stocks the total could become prohibitive.

Alternatively, you could go with another stock maker.

Eagle Grips Secret service stocks (for J-frames)

Eagle Grips Secret service stocks (for J-frames)

If I have to go that route I would choose a set of Eagle Grip’s Secret service stocks (no connection to the US Secret Service) They do not have the same fit or finish of the Spegel stocks, and they are not relieved for speedloaders to the degree the Spegel stocks are but they are the best second option currently available.

I hope the information is of some help.

Thank you again for the great question.


Michael de Bethencourt