SmartCarry holsters

SmartCarry holsters

Greetings Michael:

I have just a quick question as to your opinion of the Smart Carry holster.  I am a committed snub man and have used the Smart Carry for over a year.  I have recently discovered your web site and found various articles on your philosophy and training. I am just curious about your experience with the Smart Carry and your advice pro or con.  Thanks and I hope you write a book soon!  K.C.


Dear K.C.:

I hope this note finds you well.

Thank you for the great question.

I know and have used both ThunderWear and Smart Carry.  Several CCW trainers I know swear by Smart Carry.

Thunderwear holster

Thunderwear holster

Here are a few random thoughts:

Smart Carry seems like a slightly better designed version of ThunderWare. Smart Carry’s stitching and seams are in the “right” direction. That does not mean that the rear of the cylinder won’t catch the seam on the Smart Carry on a draw stroke, but it is a lot less likely to catch.

If you go with a Smart Carry get one with a slightly longer set of Velcro straps.  I got mine extra long and then measured to optimum (personal) size. You can have the excess cut off and last 1/2 inch of the tail end of the Velcro folded over and stitched (This creates a 1/4-inch ‘tab’). A local seamstress should be able to do it for a few dollars. This will give you a sized prefect strap and the 1/4 inch tab on the end will help you putting the Smart Carry on and off.

Three other items:

1st – If you ask, Smart Carry will sell an ultra thin Kydex shell that fits your snub and can be glued into the Smart carry for re-holstering.  I find fitting the snub with a Barami Hip Grip and a Tyler T-grip adaptor a better idea.  I do understand the need to secure the snub after the draw stroke but slipping it back into the waist band with the Barami is a safer and faster option than trying to slip the snub back into the Smart Carry.

2nd – Remember to use stretch waistband pants with little or nothing in the pockets. Belted pants make accessing the snub difficult and items in the pockets will require you to cinch up the belt. I generally use the Smart Carry when ever I absolutely can’t be spotted with a gun and will often have to by-pass the usual materials in my pockets.

3rd – Consider buying a left hand Smart Carry if you are right handed.  The right hand Smart Carry will carry the snub low and snug. It is great for ultra concealment bur access is already slow enough reaching into the pants. If you get a left hand carry then use it for a right hand draw the snub will be angled more of the snub’s grip for an easier draw.

Remember that either a right or left hand Smart Carry will take time to get “comfortable” with, not unlike an ankle holster. But it is a workable solution when you absolutely can’t be spotted with a handgun abut are just as committed to carrying one.

I hope this information helps.

On an aside, I would like to add your question to the blog. Would you rather be listed as K.C., Ken C. or some other non de plume?


Michael de Bethencourt