’s left hand reloading method.


Earlier today  I added several note to the right hand shooter’s video and will make some notes on the above video within the next few days.

Two items worth noting now:

First – An excellent video of a very quick left hand shooter’s revolver reloading method is available from Massed Ayoob here. Note the Mas’ left hand shooter’s reload starts at 4:30 into the video clip.

Second – Mas Ayooy’s StressFire left land shooter’s reload is a lot quicker than what I am advocating. 

None the less there are several subtle reasons that I prefer the method outlined above. Least of all because there are several follow up self-defense tricks with loose rounds, Speed- and QuickStrips and speedloaders that feed off the technique out line here .

I will out line these techniques in forthcoming video clips and blog postings.

This is not to be misconstrued as suggesting that the above method is better that the StressFire or even the FBI methods. It is not. Is is different and it has some features that might be of value to snub shooter who might be inclined to learn it. I believe every competent snub shooter should be familiar with the StressFire revolver reload methods especially since we can take elements of both the SnubTraining technique and mate it with the StressFire technique to produce a working technique when reload a snub from the ground from both the prone and supine.

A video clip on this will also be posted sometime in the future.