Michael on YouTube demonstrating the right hand reload.

There are a few items of note regarding the technique that may be worth pointing out.

1 – The thumb goes behind the hammer before the trigger finger goes on the frame for two reasons. First – Most shooters find they can retain a firmer three-finger grip on the stocks if they reposition the thumb before straightening the index finger. Second – Most shooter have been conditioned for years to move the thumb over to the cylinder release when reloading. If we don’t get the thumb out of the way early it will migrate over to the cylinder release and prevent the spent rounds from falling free after the ejector rod is struck.

2 – Keep the left hand’s index finger along the frame and under the cylinder when rolling the cylinder out of the window of the frame. The left hand’s index finger acts like a bumper. Letting the cylinder “flop out” of the window of the frame will risk (eventually) taking the snub out of timing.

3 – After you have rolled the cylinder out of the window of the frame with your right index finger you must keep that index finger in contact with the cylinder. A score of follow-up reloading tricks will depend on this subtle item.  They will be presented in future video clips.

4 – Turn you palms up before lifting the snub to your shoulder. You must remember to do this. First – because if you don’t the muzzle will end up angled high and to the left, possible muzzling the fellow next to you. Second – The ejector rod will end up angled off to the left as well. When you strike it with the heal of your left palm, you will be ejecting the spent cases off to your right at an angle, rather than straight to the ground.

5 – As one sharp eyed viewer already note, watch out for your left hand crossing in front of your eyes as you move your left hand in to strike the ejector rod. The exaggerated hand motion in the video clip was (incorrectly) done to aid in the visual. If you keep the snub in front of your left shoulder and not above it you can avoid this. You can also lift your right hand up and you are bringing down the left palm for added force. Thank you DartCyggy from YouTube for the correction.

6 – After you have hit the ejector rod, bring the butt of the snub to your belt line. Be sure to keep the muzzle pointed straight down and do not let it angle slightly forward toward the target. You want gravity to aid in the reload. If you find you can not keep the snub’s muzzle for angling ahead of you then move your right thumb back down the back strap until it is on or near the knuckle of the back strap. (The knuckle is the area on the back strap where the web of your hand usually contacts the back strap when holding the snub.) This will aid in pointing the muzzle straight down.

7 – Last – Keep you eyes on the target. There is no need to watch the cylinder when reloading.