CTC LS 205 Laser Stocks

CTC LS 205 Laser Stocks

What is your preference, the LG 105 or the LG 405 for a replacement of the LG 205 on a J frame?

Thanks for your help.

Mark L. 


Dear Mark:

I hope this note finds you well.

Thank you for the great question.

Personally I love the 205s I have on my J-frames. -They are the ONLY CTC lasers with a proper cut-out for use with speedloaders. – But they won’t/don’t last forever.

CTC LG 105 laser stocks

CTC LG 105 laser stocks

Regarding you question, if I had to replace the 205 I would lean toward the 105.

CTC LS 405 Laser Stocks

CTC LS 405 Laser Stocks

The 405 isn’t a bad item but the back-strap is covered with rubber. Nice (if marginal) for reducing recoil but it also reduces the snub’s deep concealability.

The rubber also tends to catch cover-clothing (prints) and can reduce draw-stroke speed. 

They both offer a sad excuse for a dished out area for speedloaders. The 405 has a very slight advantage in this area but the hard plastic on the 105 lends itself to some light Dremel work. A few light passes with the Dremel tool and you can get the 105 to work nearly as well as the old 205.

The only other complaint I have with the 105 is the very odd “bird-heads” style stock configuration.

The convex area where the laser’s on/off button is located is smaller in circumference than the circumference at the base of the stock’s butt area. 

The best way to understand the problem with this is to make a tight fist and gauge your strength. Then make a second fist but leave your ring finger extended.

The second fist will never be a strong as the first as long as the ring finger is prevented from curling in tight and under your middle finger.

The bird-heads flaring on the base of the 105 stock produces this result.

I few light passes with the Dremel tool on the base of the 105 stocks can reduce this defect.

Please note that you may not need to reduce the circumference on the base of the 105 stocks. Some shooters say that after awhile they no longer even note the issue.

But if after a few months of working with the 105 as compared with 205 you may want to address it.

Thank you again for the questions.

I hope this information is of some value.