A high quality holster on or near the strong side hip remains the first choice for carrying a primary snub. Since the best snub concealment location is taken up by the primary snub a little creativity will be needed to conceal the second or back-up snub. Two of the more common second snub carry locations include:

Front pocket

Ankle holster

Each of these second gun carry locations offers its own unique carry, concealment and draw stroke limitations. The shooter should prioritize the list of functions he expects the second snub is to fulfill. (Second gun for spouse, Improved access when seated, etc.,) After assembling the list use the top two or three tasks as a guide for determining which second gun carry location will best support those tasks.

The following are just a few thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of these two common second snub carry locations and they are offered only as an overview of my experience with both methods. Whether to carry a pair of handguns and if two where to position both to balance concealment and access is best left to the individual shooter. But once the decision to carry a second gun is made the shooter is required to practice as diligently mastering the draw stroke of the second gun as he was in learning the draw stroke of the first.