There are several primer only propelled (POP) training round options available. These are great options for the snub owner who is looking to practice safely outside the confines of a traditional gun club or range.  Almost any space with ventilation can be cleared away to make a safe private shooting galley.  POP rounds are inexpensive to train with, discreet and are safe when basic safety rules are applied. They are variously described as being “no louder than a child’s cap gun” to sounding like “a five pound hammer dropping on a wooden floor.”  POP rounds can offer a shooter several of the same elements live round training offers: grip, draw, sight picture, and trigger control practice but without the: space limitations, noise, cost or recoil of live rounds.  

There are multiple styles of POP rounds. Some are made up of plastic bullets that can be snapped into plastic cases such as Precision Gun Specialties’ Saf-Shot and Speer’s Plastic Training Components.  Concept-X produces rubber bullets that can be fired through brass cases. There are pre-cut wax rounds that are finger pressed into .38 brass cases. Both rubber bullets and wax bullets require no more modification than opening up the flash hole of the brass with a 1/8th inch drill bit. Please note that when using any ‘real’ bass cases that have had their flash holes enlarged or in any other way been converted to function with POP rounds, always notched the edges of the rims to help to preventing them from being mistaken for any non-modified brass that might be suitable for reloading with traditional components.