Safe Direction’s Academy Pad

Safe Direction’s Academy Pad

One piece of equipment I use both at home and bring to every training class is Safe Direction’s Academy Pad.  The Academy Pad is one of a series of the Safe Direction Ballistic Containment Systems.

The Academy Pad is an 8-inch by 11-inch composite armor board resting atop an energy absorbing/dispersal panel and wrapped in a bright safety Red Cordura® nylon outer shell.  The composite board is comparable to a threat level III-A body armor panel and will contain a single unintentionally discharged handgun round and is rated up to +P .45 ACP. The Academy Pad’s second layer, the energy absorbing/dispersal panel is designed to minimize damage to a supporting surface that might be caused by any blunt trauma forces that travel through the composite board.  The Academy Pad is additionally fitted with a set of three self piercing brass grommets. These grommets are designed and spaced to permit the owner to carry the pad in a standard three ring binder notebook.  As an instructor I find this feature exceptionally useful.  I can transport the pad to and from my classes in the same notebook I use to carry my instructor’s materials. In the classroom it is indispensable for clearing a student’s weapon whenever a shooting range is unavailable.  When traveling legally armed it is both a useful unloading safety tool and between range visits and important skill maintenance tool for safe dry fire practice.  At home or in an office the Academy Pad can be mounted with three stick-up nylon hooks and positioned on an appropriate surface as a safe dry-fire backstop.  Be sure to always pick a dry-fire area with the same great care you would use if you weren’t using the Academy Pad. For the traveling firearms instructor, the legally armed business traveler or the at-home gun owner the Academy Pad is an exception resource.


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