The malfunction of most concern to revolver shooters is the round under the star ejector.  Fortunately for the snub shooter with the abbreviated ejector rod, getting a round under the star ejector is rarer than with other revolver’s with full length ejectors.  Still the snub owner may wish to have a few range tricks for dealing with the problem.

For the shooter using the Smith & Wesson J-Frame, a neat trick worth knowing is that while the ejector rod can only be pushed down a short distance, the star ejector can be pulled away nearly twice the distance.  In the event of a round caught under the star ejector, the shooter can often create enough space to clear the jam by pulling the star ejector forward and away from the face of the cylinder.  This trick is usually only effective with J-frame revolvers.  For shooters with a snub other than a J-frame, one of the best emerging tools is the De-Jammer.