With proper pre-planning the ankle holster can be a very versatile second gun carry position. One of the most ignored realities of daily living is the large percentage of the time people spend sitting. Sitting on the drive to work, sitting  at the office desk, sitting  during lunch, sitting  during dinner, sitting  during a movie, and sitting  on the drive home. Yet how many shooters practice a proportional amount of time on the range drawing and firing from a sitting position, either with or without a desktop or counter in front of them? Even a little testing under these conditions can demonstrate how useful a properly worn and concealed ankle holster can be. In addition to a low profile carry option, the ankle holster can also offer a very unobtrusive draw stroke from a seated position.  A response option to a future carjacking alone could justify the addition of the ankle holster in the shooter’s repertoire.

There are a few limitations to the ankle holster carry. Church services and funerals are both locations that sometimes require the attendee to kneel, something that clearly works against the ankle carry. Also the cut the pants’ cuff needs to be worked into the equation.  Full cut pants cuff will generally work well with an ankle holster as will boot cut jeans. A tip to getting pants cuffs that will work well with an ankle holster is to bring the holster and a replica gun to an understanding tailor (check first.) I have never encountered a tailor who has not in the past cut clothing around a handgun and many of them know several tricks to balance the optimal concealment without improved access.

Worth special note is the advantage of brining you ankle rig to a Big-and-Tall men’s shop when buying pants. In addition to offering a choice up to date fashion options, the pants they offer are available in average waist lengths with longer that average leg lengths.  The advantage is that after the tailor, who will generally hem the cuffs for no added cost, has finished with the alteration, you will end up with a cuff width a little larger that average. This will aid in your ankle gun concealment and access draw stroke. And again, I have never met a tailor at a Big-and-Tall men’s shop

Several well known self defense trainers have advocated for the ankle holster and each offers a unique perspective on carry position.  These include Mas Ayoob’s left leg inside carry, Joe Maffei’s right leg butt forward carry and Chic Gaylord’s classic right leg outside carry.  The unique carry theory and draw stroke of each will be described in a future post