Few exercises point out range effect scaring as clearly as a two round loading drill.  Start with two dummy rounds in your pocket and an empty snub in its holster.  At the self-initiated signal load both dummy rounds as quickly as you mechanically can. Work as if the lives of your family depended on it! When you have done that and re-holstered the snub with the dummy rounds still in the cylinder and ask yourself a question.  Did you just load both rounds side by side?  If you did, and 99.99% of everyone I have ever conducted this drill on did, then you are a member of the conditioning-to-fail club.  If you were loading to protect your family wouldn’t you have better served them if you had loaded those rounds anywhere other than side by side?  When loading side by side you run a statistical risk of closing the cylinder and having to cycle through three or four empty charge holes (depending on if you loaded a five or six round cylinder) before you hit upon your first live round.  If you had split the loading then your chances for a live round earlier would have gone up to 25% with a five shot revolver and 20% with a six shot revolver.  Now why do so many shooters load side by side during this test drill?  Because on the shooting range they have unconsciously conditioned themselves for years to load each round one-after-the-other side by side until the cylinder is full.  Consider retraining yourself.  Start by loading every full cylinder in a random fashion. In the future when loading a partial cylinder load in your first two (in a five shot snub) or three rounds rounds (in a six shot snub) anywhere and in any order except side by side.  In addition to breaking a dangerous range habit practicing with two or three rounds in your cylinder will continue to extends your range time, reduces your shooting costs, reduces or eliminate any flinching, reminde you to shoot through empty cylinders and most importantly helps you evaluate all your on-the-range behaviors. Are you on the range to shoot or are you conditioning your mind and reflexes to win a violent attack against a lethal assaulter?