As note before, the revolver is a non-symmetric loading weapon. Here is a left hand reloading method that I find takes bits and pieces of the best of the non-traditional reloading systems.

Start with the snub in your left hand.

1.   Left hand thumb moved to the rear of the hammer

2.   Left index finger off trigger and flush under cylinder. Turn left hand palm down

3.   Right hand thumb on cylinder release

4.   Right hand index finger under the cylinder

5.   Right hand thumb operates the cylinder release  

6.   Right index finger lifts and rolls the cylinder up and out of frame

7.   Right hand firmly “pinches” the snub’s frame between the right thumb and the right hand’s index and middle fingers, taking the whole weight of the snub

8.   Lift and twist the snub and “thread” the left hand’s thumb through the window of the frame. Insert the thumb until the cylinder contacts the web of the left hand. Wrap the left hand fingers around the bottom of the snub’s trigger guard.  Note the snub’s muzzle is pointing up and the snub’s butt is pointing forward

9.   With the fingers of the right hand flex up, strike the ejector with the heel of the right palm

10. Rotate the snub’s muzzle down (90º) until the muzzle is facing forward and the corner of the butt is at or against your belt line

11. Thread right hand’s thumb through window of the frame, behind the left hand’s thumb, and pinched the ejector rod between index and middle fingers of the right hand*

12. Un-thread the left hand’s thumb from within the window of the frame

13. Rotate the snub’s muzzle down (90º) until the muzzle is pointed straight down and the butt of the snub’s is in contact with the shooter’s beltline

14. Reload with the left hand. Re-grip the snub with the left hand

15. Close the cylinder and recover