1.   Right thumb moved to the rear of the hammer*

2.   Right hand index finger comes off the trigger and is positioned flush under cylinder

3.   Left hand’s index finger under the cylinder

4.   Left hand thumb on cylinder release

5.   Left hand thumb operates the cylinder release (press forward with Smith and Wesson, etc., push in with Ruger, Retract with Colt)

6.   Right index finger rolls the cylinder up and out of the window of the frame. Tip of the right index finger remains in constant contact with the cylinder

7.   Right hand turns palm up

8.   Lifts snub up toward shooter’s shoulder, muzzle pointing straight up

9.   With the fingers of the left hand flex up, strike the ejector rod with the heel of the left hand’s palm

10. Lower snub, butt contacts belly with the muzzle pointed straight down

Note that if the right hand’s thumb is moved to contact the “knuckle” on the frame of the revolver, the muzzle will be held in a consistent muzzle down orientation

11. Reload with the left hand

12. Close the cylinder and recover