Let’s take a more detailed look at your grasp on the snub once your hand had made contact with the stocks.  Position your hand as high on the backstrap as you can manage.  If your snub has an exposed hammer make sure that your grasp is not too high on the backstrap as to interfere with the arc of the hammer during the trigger compression.  The higher on the backstrap you can grasp the nearer you will put your forearm in line with the bore axis of the barrel.  This will produces better recoil control and help reduces muzzle jump. 


When holding a small revolver, grip the stock as firmly as hand strength will permit.  Lock your thumb down with the thumb nail pointing down or at least angled down.  If the stocks on your snub are small enough try and curl your little finger under the revolver’s butt.  If you wish to apply your weak hand remember to position the pad of your left thumb on the knuckle of your right thumb.  If you position the pad of your left thumb over the thumbnail of your right hand you will often find the second thumb will impede the trigger travel while trying to compress the trigger during firing.