.38 Special S. T. Action Pro Trainer Dummy Rounds

.38 Special S. T. Action Pro Trainer Dummy Rounds

S. T. Action Pro’s Action Training Dummy Rounds are one of the best bargains in the inert training round field. Their composite design maximizes safety and durability. If you have ever used inert training rounds on an indoor range or on an active outdoor range you will appreciate how quickly training rounds can be kicked, stomped, crushed and lost.  S. T. Action Pro’s Action Training Dummy Rounds stand apart in addressing this training problem. Their solid brass cases resist rim damage that can so quickly end the training life of other inert rounds while ensuring years of hard service. Their one-piece ABS core material does not crush, crack or compress and the recessed primer hole might (see below) prevent damage to the firing pin in older revolvers. Their day glow orange bullet-noses give them high-visibly and make confusing them with live rounds nearly impossible. Their bright nickel plated cases combined with their day glow noses also make recovery after range drills easier regardless of the range environment. As an additional safety aid during low-light shooting and/or clean up after low-light training, the ABS insert material will glow brilliantly under either a black or blue light.

There is one training tip I can offer that might make the S. T. Action Pro training rounds a little more versatile. S.T. Action’s sales have confirmed that their trainers are sold as “dummy” rounds and NOT snap caps. The difference between snap caps and dummy rounds is that snap caps have a “dead primer” for the firing pin to strike. Not all dummy rounds have this feature. Some shooters use both snap caps and dummy rounds interchangeably. Other shooters worry about firing pin damage when not using dedicated snap-caps. One of my snub class guest instructors “Dennis C” noted to me that his current snubby, a Taurus 9mm which is supposed to be safe to dry fire without snap caps, broke the firing pin while dry firing. Subsequently he usesonly dedicated snap caps when dry firing and has never had a problem since. He asked my about firing pin damage and the use of S. T. Action Pro’s Action Training Dummy Rounds. Most modern revolvers are supposed to be dry fire safe but the broken pin is not unknown so here is the trick I offered to him.

1 – Drill out a 7/64th (for small primers 38/357) or 1/8 (for large primers 44/45) hole in the primer end of “dummy” rounds like S. T. Action Express.

2 – Fill in the hole with RV silicone from the Home Depot – less the $5.00 for a tube that you will NEVER use up.

3 – Let it dry.

4 – “Plane” the back of the “dummy” round with a razor blade (Buy a pack the same time you buy the RV silicon) – A note on the shaving the excess silicon – 99.9% you won’t have to if you put in the silicon in with care.

5 – Train with you new “dummy” rounds. – You can “snap-cap” those rubber primers thousands of time before you have to pick-them-out (an easy job) and re-silicon them again with more RV silicon.

Some shooters note that the orange plastic in the primer pocket is recessed and they want to know if it is my experience that the recess is not deep enough to apply the silicon and if one needs to drill a deeper hole. My answer is that yes, there is a hole where the primer pocket would be, and no you don’t have to drill them. But then I point out that they will find a small plastic inner ring inside the primer pocket. I fine that when I don’t removing that primer pocket ring it a major pain to dig out the silicon plugs later. The drill hole does not have to be deep – 1/8 of an inch or shallower, but for me, that ring’s got to go!

Bottom line – If I were to loose all my snub class training materials the first item I would replace after my snubs would be my S. T. Action Pro’s Action Training Dummy Rounds.