The most under utilized training tools in the revolver shooter’s arsenal is the inert safety round.  Available in a variety of colors, materials and calibers inert safety rounds can be used for nearly every possible dry fire drill that the revolver shooter might wish to practice. Very few shooters would dispute the value of dry fire training.  Why then is it so uncommon to dry-fire all the various loading, unloading and reloading skills, one- and two-handed that make up the majority of snub manipulation?

Not only are inert safety rounds an exceptional tool for practicing snub manipulation anywhere there is an appropriate training space they are also an exceptional tool for extending live fire range practice.  The bane of nearly every shooter is the unanticipated flinch.  One of the fastest fixes for this is to add in a mixed numbers of dummy rounds while you are practicing all your usual snub manipulation drills. Load up the cylinder with two or three live rounds and the balance with inert safety rounds.  Don’t neglect to use and practice with the reloading tools you most often carry when on your own time: belt loops, Speed Strips or speed loaders.  You can help yourself identify and subsequently eliminated any subtle flinch you might posses. Also by adding in two or three dummy round in each cylinder you automatically extend your range time by 40-60%. 

There are two inert training rounds worth making special note of: S.T. Action Pro’s Dummy Training Rounds and Precision Gun Specialties’ Saf-T-Trainers