The snub offers its owner several advantages against weapon disarming attempts.  The short barrel offers minimum mechanical leverage for a would-be disarmer to use against the snub’s owner. This is especially true against the most commonly reported criminal disarming technique the “walk-through.”  The walk-through attack begins with a grab from under the barrel and the attacker violently levers the weapon back against the web of the gun owner’s hand.  When snub is fitted with a set of hand filling stocks, its owner is in the strongest position to resist this style of disarm. Unfortunately the walk-through is not the only disarming technique a would-be attacker can possess. Martial arts, street gang, prison gang and even some former military trained attackers can posses a wide variety of disarming techniques. On an aside, I once watched a group of street gang members practicing their gun take-away shills under a street light in the open in the Roxbury section of Boston. They do this for several reasons for both the training and in practicing it in public. First, this is a recruitment tool for attracting new gang members. “Join us and you can learn these kinds of skills too.” Second, they are signaling to the community that these skills are an indication of how dangerous the gang members are and therefore you would be better served in not trying to oppose us. Third, they are also signaling to the area officer that they are ready and willing to take them on.  Fortunately there are many well known defense tactics training instructors offering the legally armed citizens the same level weapon disarming and retention skills currently provided to police officers. Retention skills and their mirror science weapon disarming is something I strongly encourage for all gun owners. Once trained in retention and disarming skills the gun owner is exponentially harder to disarm because he is now acquainted with the speed at which a practiced disarming can be accomplished.  There is another less common but not unheard of reason for learning weapon retention and disarming. There always exists the possibility that the snub owner may face a handgun armed attackers before he has time to draw his own weapon. Knowing how to disarm an armed attacker can literally be a life saver.