Most snubs could benefit from improved sights.  Even the snub’s biggest fans can agree that with few exceptions the sights on contemporary snubs range from barely adequate to awful. Many snub sights are too small for acquiring a fast sight picture even in good light. Early model Colt Detective Specials used to be the exception but that changed after Colt adopted a gradual ramp-style front sight blade that will “gray out” just as readily as most modern snubs do.   Additionally there are far too many snubs with sights that won’t hit to point of aim without some attention by a competent gunsmith. Fortunately there are several options for improving the situation.  The first is to train to shoot the snub using various alternative sight pictures such as  Stanford-, Cooper-, Ayoob- and Cirillo-styles.  Regrettably none of these sight picture options completely address the core problem of inadequate fixed sights.  Fortunately there are several first rate aftermarket front sights and front and rear sight sets that can improve the snub’s sight picture situation. Two of these include XS Sights Systems’ Big Dot sights and D&L Sports J-frame Smith and Wesson sights.