Matt Del Fatti's SSR holster but 3/4: to hign

Matt Del Fatti's SSR holster but 3/4" to high on belt

I his book Handgunner’s Guide, Chick Gaylord noted that “[There] are many holsters on the market. Unfortunately, it seems to be a case of each manufacturer copying the other’s mistakes.” While he was specifically commenting on shoulder holsters his sentiment can be applied to the overwhelming majority of holsters currently made for carrying the snub revolver.  The common error with most snub holsters is over emphasizing concealment while disregarding stability and draw stroke.  Take a look at Gaylord’s Super Sleuth (both his straight draw and cross-draw models), his Holdout “inside the pants,” and his Crossfire cross-draw holster to name only four. Compare them against nearly every major manufacture’s contemporary snub holster designs.  What should be glaringly obvious is that Gaylord’s holsters position the snub so that the mid-line of snub’s cylinder is parallel or closely centered to the centerline of the user’s belt.  This rather simple design element strikes an effective balance between concealment, stability and draw stroke that is maddeningly absent in modern designs. The contemporary snub owner would be hard pressed to find any mass produced snub holster that doesn’t position the centerline of the snub’s cylinder either well above the belt’s centerline or actually above the top of the belt line entirely. While positioning the snub’s cylinder above the belt line aids in concealment so to would stuffing the snub in a paper bag.  Two of the very few holster makers who is still practicing the science of self-defense gun carrying is Matt Del Fatti and Bell Charter Oak. 

Matt Del Fatti Strong Side Revolver (SSR) holster is nearly a perfect outside-the-waist belt slide holster. Del Fatti’s SSR holster can be stitched to lower the snub an additional ¾ of an inch in order to align the cylinder’s centerline with the belt’s centerline. I had this modification made on two of my two-inch K-frame holsters.  I use Del Fatti’s SSR holsters as my primary teaching holsters and my most common at-work belt line holster. I am planning to have an additional set of two produced, both produced with a safety strap. A 3/4 dropped SSR belt slide holster with the additional of a safety strap would make it nearly an ideal working man’s belt slide holster.