Snub stocks are generally divided into three types:

1 – Those that work with all your self-defense shooting equipment

2 – Those that work with some-to-most of your self-defense shooting equipment

3 –  Those that fulfill a specific shooting need but not necessarily any self-defense need

We are of course only interested in stocks that work with all our self-defense equipment. Regrettably this is not a concern shared by the majority of stock manufacturers. The problem is not the misidentification of various stocks as “combat” stocks though the majority of over-the-counter stocks are not stocks that I would willingly take into combat with me.  The unfortunate truth is that stock manufacturers are more interested in making sure their stocks fit specific revolver frames but seem to be less interested in making sure that their stock are properly “relieved” for every common speedloader that a self-defense shooter might use. As a general rule the snubs work, the stocks work, and the speedloaders work.  They just don’t all work together. Now there may be many stock manufacturers whose products do work with every commonly and uncommonly available speedloader.   My failing to note a particular stock maker’s model is more likely due to my own lack of exposure to their product. But of the stocks I do know there are two in particular that I would (and do) bet my self-defense survival skills on. These are the Craig Spegel “Boot Grips” and Eagle Grips “Secret Service” stocks.