Handguns are bought by many types of users and each owner will have his own ideas about what the snub’s actual role will be. Subsequently though most manufacturers build snub revolvers around some general view that includes self-defense few if any manufacturers expend that much care or attention to producing a dedicated out-of-the-box self-defense snub.  That job invariably falls to the snub owner.

There are many extras, features and add-ons that a snub owner can apply to his personal gun including; stocks, ammunition, holster, laser stocks, high visibility sights, custom or double action only triggers, de-horned hammers, shrouded hammers, polished actions and cylinder chamfering to name a few.  Which extras and in what order they should be added are left to the determination of the owner.  The following list of available items is offered only as a overview. Many of these options have served well the needs of the snub owners I have known and many of them have been applied to my personal self-defense snubs.