Beyond the snub’s basic virtues there are several advantages the snub possesses distinct from other self-defense handguns. The following list reflects only my own experience with the self-defense snub and items on this list may not coincide with your own experiences. The snub’s advantages include:

High quality at a low cost, especially when purchased used

Small size enables four-season (concealable) carry

Training on one revolver translates quickly to training on almost any revolver

Choices of ammunition, bullet weights, and power charges are extensive

Loading is much easier for the beginner shooter

Possesses the world’s safest live-round indicator (with cylinder either open or closed)

Faster to access and get into action when carried in an outer pocket

After-market grip options are extensive and nearly infinitely adjustable

Short barrel length aids in quicker draw stroke

Short barrel length aids in maneuver in very close quarters

Designed to point well

Short sight radius aligns quickly for a first shot

Short sight radius aligns quickly out of recoil for quick follow up shots

Short sight radius is easier for older eyes to find and focus on

Short barrel length aids in weapon retention

Simpler to discharge as there is no slide to cycle nor safety to disengage

No spent brass thrown in your face when fired from odd positions

No spent brass to fall back an malfunction weapon when fired from odd positions

Fewer shots required to prove the weapon’s reliability

Shooter can’t fatally foul the grip

Double-action only reduces likelihood of an negligent discharge

Misfires are reflexively corrected

Tactical versatility is enhanced via multiple contact-shot reliability

Shrouded or enclosed hammers allows reliable, multiple round pocket fire 

Multiple options for primer only propelled (POP) training rounds facilitates inexpensive practice

Safest emergency weapon availability when passed to minimally trained trusted others

Safest action when a policeman collects the firearm following a post-shooting incident

Easier to unload and make safe

Looks less provocative to the “triers of the facts” following a post-shooting incident

Requires minimum maintenance