Last and least is equipment.  Weapon choices are only important after the issues of mindset, tactics and skills have been thoroughly inculcated. Only when that is accomplished should any attention be paid to the choice of snub or custom features to be applied to the snub. I have my own ideas about the optimum snub and personalized snub features and I will introduce and explain each of them at different points within this monograph.  Keep in mind though that these snub choices and after market options are not recommendations.  My snub set up fulfills my own unique personal and professional needs. Your personal, social and professional needs may require and entirely different solution. That said there are few items beyond the snub and spare ammunition that I habitually carry and that might be worth noting. These include a Sure Fire flashlight and a Spyderco Delica folding knife. Not everyone else would choose the same basic non-firearm accessories. Well known attorney and self-defense author Andy Branca lectures about the need to carry a less-then-lethal weapon whenever you are carrying a handgun.  Andy’s recommendation is for a small can of pepper-spray.  After experimenting with various second-level self-defense tools I settled on the high-intensity pocket flashlight in lieu of the pepper spray. The light is a valuable tool for both mundane tasks as well as for self-defense. It can light up dark holes where trouble can hide and it lets you confirm or identify both objects and people from a greater distance. It can be a very effective improvised Kubotan or Yawara for those trained in either of these weapons and is a vitally important companion to the self-defense handgun. The small folding knife can also answer for a large number of non-self-defense situations. When in some other color that black, it is often overlooked as a self-defense tool and can often pass undetected into an otherwise weapon free environment. Lastly there are a large number of expert knife and counter-knife instructors who offer exceptionally valuable one- and two-day small knife (2-1/2 to 4-inch blade) weapon skills programs. In combination, the snub, the knife and the flashlight give the legally armed and properly trained citizen a remarkably valuable personal defense took kit, the whole of which would fit in the palm of one hand.