Physical condition is the most often deliberately ignored aspect of self-defense shooting preparation. Nationally known trainers Clint Smith and Ralph Mroz have written about the importance of physical conditioning and firearm training. I often ask students if they would be willing to give up 1% of their day for physical training in order to live an extra ten years and all enthusiastically respond yes! Well then why do so few every follow through? 24-hours in a day times 60 minutes in an hour gives you 1440 minutes in a day. 1% of 1440 minutes give us 14 minutes and 40 seconds.  Why is it then that so few self-defense shooters can find less than a quarter of an hour per day for physical conditioning?

To quote Clint Smith: “Physical conditioning, appropriate to your age and health … contributes to your survivability.” Almost any exercise would offer both short and long term benefits. My strongest recommendation is to finds some reasonable and enjoyable physical training activate and begin.