I have six goals for this monograph. I hope to:

1 – Introduce some alternative snub-shooting skills and drills.

2 – Offer the snub owner some aid in evaluating his shooting equipment.

3 – Further disseminate and expose Range Effect conditioning. Range Effect is a term coined by nationally known police trainer Ralph Mroz. It denotes those training scars that we picked up from shooting instructors who either never caught on to, or forgot that the role of a self-defense handgun was to fight. Like a giant elephant that was conditioned as a baby pachyderm to believe the thin string around its ankle could never be broken, Range Effect is debilitating and unconscious conditioning that served neither range safety nor gunfighting.

4 – Demonstrate alternative ambidextrous snub manuad-of-arms manipulations. The snub revolver being an asymmetric weapon requires different handling skills for the right and left hand. Both of which a complete snub shooter should be skilled in.

5 – Introduce single-hand and injured-hand snub-manipulation skills. Semi-automatic shooters can load, unload and re-load one-handed with either the right or the left hand. Snub shooters should be able to as well.

6 – Introduce second-snub manipulations and drills