I have two pieces of pre-snub training advice.  First, get the best gear available. Test it. Discard what doesn’t work and try again. Order it tailor-made if commercial offerings don’t meet your needs or come up to your standards.  Second and most importantly screw the expense. Nobody in the middle of a gunfight ever thought “Thank God I’m saving $100.00 on a second-hand holster, ill-fitting stocks, cheap, reloaded ammunition, and this factory front-sight blade I could never see well enough during practice.”

There is no second chance if you loose your first fight.

If fear of death won’t motivate you to buy the best and train like it is real and it is coming consider how great the self recriminations will be when you are puffing on the straw of your motorized wheelchair listening to the Judge give your attacker a six months suspended sentence.

Or consider the nightmare scenario where your brain injured self reduced to the mental level of a six month old and drooling in you adult diaper sits idly by while your attacker returns to your home and your family while you mindlessly watch.

Does that sound harsh?

If you think so maybe you should reconsider the true nature of the event we are arming and training to respond to. So, is that snub your can commit to carrying 24/7 set up to win your first fight? Are you trained up to use that snub as it is currently configured to win that first fight?

If the answer is no to either question then maybe its time to start putting in some time and money and work toward those goals.