Is the snub really enough gun? I believe that the honest answer is both yes and no.  It is to paraphrase old time shooters “simultaneously too much and too little gun.”

Consider two examples.

If a bad guy screws a .22 caliber zip-gun into your ear and tells you to get out of your $100,000 sports car you will be very happy to hop out of that car.  So by your own standard a .22 caliber zip-gun “is enough gun.”

On the other hand if that same bad guy breaks into your home at 2 AM and tries to get to your sleeping children we can both agree he better be bringing something a lot bigger that a .50 caliber Barrett if he thinks he is going to saunter past you and into your children’s bedroom. So now by your own standards a .50 caliber Barrett “isn’t enough gun.”

My point is that the subject of “enough gun” is beyond caliber, bullet design, shot placement, auto vs. pistol, single stack vs. double stack. “Enough gun” is a fight between two competing goals. What you are fighting for versus what your attacker is fighting for.

Keep in mind that what you’re fighting for is more important than what you’re fighting with and that what you’re fighting with is less important than what your attacker is fighting for.
Also keep in perspective that the things you will be fighting for will be always of greater (moral) value than anything your attacker is fighting for. You can and should exploit that advantage.